RCCG Dissociate from on-going Ponzi Scheme

There’s a new ponzi scheme currently circulating on social media with name “RCCG Trade Investment Promotion Commission”.

Pastor Olaitan Olubiyi who is the head of media and public relations in the church, has reacted to the on going ponzi scheme, said the church is neither aware of the organisation nor have anything to do with its operation.

Olubiyi said, “Our attention has been drawn to a money-doubling promo titled, RCCG TRADE INVESTMENT PROMOTION COMMISSION circulating in the social media. We wish to categorically state that the RCCG is not aware of any such organisation or business, and is not, in any way, involved in their operation.”

“As a Church, we emphasise the virtues of diligence and righteousness as acceptable routes to prosperity. Therefore, we frown at all and any attempt to create an impression that such a fraudulent scheme is connected with the RCCG.

“The leadership of the RCCG, therefore, disclaims the Commission and dissociates the Church from it. All members of the Church, and indeed the general public, are hereby warned against falling victims to this fraudulent campaign.”