COVID-19: First Vaccination Trial Begin in Africa

On Wednesday Africa started the COVID-19 trial vaccine, as volunteers, though nervous received the injections. On the other hand, officials said the continent, which consist of 1.3 billion people won’t be left out.

The trial vaccine which was produced in large-scale was developed at the University of Oxford in Britain and trials are being conducted in Britain, South Africa and Brazil.

South Africa has more confirmed in Africa cases, with close to one-third number of more than 106,000, including 2,100 more deaths. They reported late Tuesday the biggest one-day death toll of 111.

“I feel a little bit scared but I want to know what is going on with this vaccine so that I can tell my friends and others what is going on with the study,” one of the volunteers, Junior Mhlongo, stated in Johannesburg.

Due to the relax restrictions, Africa now has nearly 325,000 cases, as they under go economic pressure from citizens who need to go out to fend and feed their families.

There are also reports of shortage of testing materials and medical supplies. This remains a problem as Africa could become the next Corona virus hot spot.